On your laptop:

Use this URL to create a subscription in your calendar program:​

Click the button to open a window to download, share or print the current match schedule​​.

From your iPhone/iPad:

1)  Copy the URL address above

2)  Launch "Settings" on your device

3)  Tap on "Add and Account"

4)  Tap on "Other"

5)  Tap on "Add Subscribed Calendar"

6)  Paste the copied link into the server location 

7) Tap "Enter" and "Save"

8) Open your calendar app and look for the 2018 TWHS VB Calendar in your list of calendars, if you see it you should see all the events added to your calendar and updated automatically if they change 

1)  Copy the URL address above

2)  Open the Calendar app on your device

3)  Select "File", "Create New Calendar Subscription"

4)  Paste the Calendar URL into the box

5)  Click "Subscribe"

6)  You should see "2018 TWHS Volleyball" in your list of calendars and it should sync to receive updates from our master calendar